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You’re closer to taking shots like this than you think!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

From: Norma Rickman

Location: Alberta, Canada


Dear Friend and Aspiring Photographer,


When you’ve longed to take an amazing, “pro-quality” photo before, this could be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Photography is pure wizardry.

There’s no greater magic to be had than conjuring up a brand new world made of light, shape and color with the click of a button.

This is the reason why millions worldwide are hooked on photography – it’s the alchemy transforming light into raw emotion.

There’s nothing like the chills you get down your spine when you capture an almost impossible shot. And knowing you have the skills to push a photo from merely great to spellbinding with some easy post-processing tweaks.

Sometimes a photo turns out so well, you can’t believe you produced such an amazing shot. You decide to post it to your social media accounts, and hope for a positive reaction.

Almost instantly, you see your photo getting “likes” and “shares,” and tons of comments praising your work. You glow with pride. Now, you don’t have to just think you’ve taken a great shot. You have the confirmation.

Your photography skills are improving every day. . .

You start planning your next photo shoot because you just can’t get enough. Where will be the locale of your next shoot? There’s a big, beautiful world out there and you want to capture it all with your camera.

Friends, this can be YOUR reality.

There’s few things in life more satisfying than taking a good photograph.

It’s addictive. . . and a total rush.

However, becoming a good photographer isn’t just about mastering the technical side.

It’s “having the eye” to see the details others pass over. It’s knowing how to be in the right place at the right time at just the right angle . . . to find a unique story to tell without speaking a single word.

As a professional writer, I know the power of words. However, words can’t hold a candle to the ability of a well-composed photograph to arouse emotion. When words alone fail to tell the story, my camera never lets me down.



Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.22.02 AM

Imagine capturing spectacular sunsets like this

Photography’s most powerful ability is to suspend time for eternity. . .

Like parents who look back on their children’s photos and see them growing up before their eyes.

Maybe you open up an album and see your own parents as they were 30 years ago.

Or, perhaps you’ve had the experience of being taken back in time to a romantic vacation just by viewing a photo.

At a glance, you’re transported back to the lush tropical villa you visited years ago with your lover. You recall sitting together in silence watching the sun sinking into the western horizon as waves lap steadily on the shore. You can almost smell the heady mix of salt air and hibiscus blooms as you reach out for your beloved’s hand. Your eyes lock on each other as you both realize this is one of the most perfect moments you’ve ever experienced.

You know you may never be back again, so you pull out your camera to record this perfect scene for all time.

You adjust your settings . . .  check your viewfinder carefully as you compose your shot. Satisfied everything is perfect, you press down the shutter.


Imagine looking back on a perfect moment like this. . .


You’ve just built a time-machine to bring you back here to this place, this time, whenever you want to visit again.

You see, a photograph is both a historian and a record-keeper for all eternity.

It forces you to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Details you didn’t notice before taking up photography start jumping out at you from everywhere.

Your awareness of light and shadow builds in a whole new way. . . and you wonder how to play them up even more in your shots. Photography is art and science rolled into one.

In fact, photography is the most accessible form of art available to people just like you and me.

All you need is to know is a few principles which can transform your photos from mere snapshots to works of art.

The good news is anyone can learn these skills.


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.31.48 AM

Yes, even people like me.

You see, I’m not a pro-photographer with years of experience. I’m a middle-aged mom with two grown kids who thought she didn’t have an artistic bone in her whole body.

Now, I’m turning shots out like the one below (you’ll see other examples sprinkled throughout this letter) :


I swear this panda was posing just for me

I swear this panda was posing just for me

Whenever I post one of my photos on my Facebook account, I get dozens of likes, shares and comments. A friend even liked one of my shots so much, he made it his desktop display.

I couldn’t have imagined anyone liking my shots this much when I first started out.


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.38.06 AM

Very recently, the first photo I posted on the popular photography site,, made it into the “Popular” category. Needless to say, I was floored. I couldn’t have imagined this happening to me when I started out.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.39.29 AM

Despite my recent successes, you should know I didn’t start out taking great photos.

In fact, most of my first photos were plain awful.

Here’s one of my early efforts from almost exactly one year ago. I live in a rural area, and there’s lots of old farm equipment everywhere.

It’s even shot crooked!


One of my first shots with my Nikon. . . you couldn't get much less lacklustre

One of my first shots with my Nikon. . . you couldn’t get much less lacklustre

Now compare this photo to the one of same combine I shot almost a year later, in May 2015 (by the way the newer version generated 60 Facebook Likes):

Quite a difference in quality from the Before to the After!

Quite a difference in quality from the Before to the After!


So as you can see, I definitely wasn’t “born” a photographer.

Starting out, I was extremely nervous to touch any of my camera settings in case I’d “break” my camera. My first shots with my Nikon D-3300 as an inexperienced photographer were far from spectacular, as you’ve already seen.

All the menus and dials seemed almost impossible to understand at the time. Aperture? Shutter Speed? ISO? I had no idea what any of these terms meant. So I stuck with the good old “Auto” setting on my camera for the longest time.

My photos were decent snapshots, but they lacked something extra.

I discovered the “extra” came in knowing how to take control over my camera. In mastering camera settings and basic principles of photography, my camera no longer intimidated me.

Now, I have to confess something.

I didn’t get to this place all on my own.

I had a secret weapon in taking my photos from so-so to spectacular. . . and I’m ready to share him with you . . .

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.45.32 AM


I have a good friend, Ed Mercer, who, along with his wife, Sue, has run a thriving photography business for over 30 years.

In Ed’s own words, “If you can do it with a camera, and it’s legal – I’ve done it.”

He first picked up a camera while still in his teens, fell in love with photography and made it his lifelong profession.

He’s made his living shooting everything from portraits to commercial and industrial photography, aerial photography, sports photography, landscapes, photojournalism, and more. . .

With gorgeous shots like these, you can see why Ed’s in such demand as a photographer.

High school senior with amazing eyes . . .

High school senior with amazing eyes . . .

Sunrise Ed captured on the way to a deep-sea fishing trip in Portsmouth, NH

Sunrise Ed captured on the way to a deep-sea fishing trip in Portsmouth, NH

One of Ed's wedding portraits

One of Ed’s wedding portraits

Sunset at Redondo Beach, CA

Nice family shot with a well-behaved dog

Nice family shot with a well-behaved dog

A dramatic sports shot

A dramatic sports shot

Ed was an early adopter of digital photography, and helped train countless other photographers in the New England area on how to make the switch from film to digital photography.

He and his wife, Sue, were featured in “Professional Photographer” magazine for their accomplishments in 2004.

Ed & his lovely wife, Sue, featured in Professional Photographer magazine

I met Ed at a conference back in the fall of 2013.

We sparked up a conversation, and he told me how photography was his lifelong passion and profession.

I mentioned to Ed I was interested in learning more about photography. I nervously showed him a shot from a trip to Panama I had on my phone. It was one of my favorites at the time, although I realize now it wasn’t all that great.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 11.56.57 AM

This shot made me think I wanted to get into photography


I think he was just being nice, but he said he liked the shot. It was enough to encourage me to take up photography as a hobby.

So I took the plunge and picked up an entry-level Nikon camera when I got home.

I thought I could learn everything I needed to know by reading my camera manual . . . and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead, I was faced with an instant sense of overwhelm. The manual wasn’t user-friendly at all, especially for a novice without any prior photography experience.

So I turned to searching online for the answers for my photography questions.

I spent fruitless hours looking for photography information written in language I could understand. I was disappointed to find so much confusing jargon out there.

So, I turned to peppering my photographer buddy, Ed, for answers.

Most mortal men would have quickly tired of all the novice questions. Not Ed.

He was extremely generous with his vast expertise and knowledge of photography. He sincerely wants to help anyone serious about developing their photography skills.

Since Ed lives in Maine, and I live in Alberta, Canada, we took advantage of technology so I get the answers to all my questions. I’d share my best photos with Ed over the internet, and he gave me suggestions on how to make them better.

Once my shots had improved a lot, he showed me how to make my pictures even better with post-processing. What amazed me most was how much I could learn about photography over an internet connection . . . I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much this way.

While my photos aren’t quite “Ed-calibre” just yet, (I’m still learning) I’m impressed with how far I’ve come.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.11.15 PM

This shot is from Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, Canada. It was the first photo I ever posted on – and it made it to the “Popular” category the same day. This one’s on my living room wall.


This street scene was shot in Havana, Cuba in April, 2015

Deserted farmhouses are a favorite subject of mine!

Deserted farmhouses are a favorite subject of mine!

I captured this about 1/4 mile from my house.

I captured this about 1/4 mile from my house.

This shot has some flaws, but people on Facebook still loved it

This shot has some flaws, but people on Facebook still loved it


Although my work isn’t as perfect as a pro’s yet, I’ve come a long way. There’s absolutely NOTHING I enjoy more than going out for a day of shooting. There’s such a big, beautiful world out there, and I can’t wait to capture more of its light and shadows.

I know for a fact, without Ed, none of this would have been possible on my own.

Which got me thinking there must be other people like me out there – wanting to become better photographers, and unsure where to start.

So I began to wonder. . .

Could the combined experience of a long-time pro and a newcomer’s enthusiasm produce the perfect system to teach others the art and science of photography?

You see, pros find it hard to think about the needs of a beginning photographer.
They don’t need to think about what ISO to set, what lens to use, or if they should use center-weighted or spot metering in a given situation. . . because it’s all become 2nd nature to them after years of practice and experience.

Everything about photography Ed does in his sleep after so many years of experience, I have to think about a little harder.

However, this is very good news for you.


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.30.16 PM


I shot this tiny Orthodox church only about ¼ mile from my house

So what’s “Photography How To” all about?

It’s not just some e-book. It’s not just video training. It’s not expensive one-on-one coaching, either.

For starters, each and every month, you’ll receive a copy of the “Photography How To” newsletter. It’s packed with helpful tips to make an immediate difference in your photography.

You’ll start creating amazing photographs with tips like these from our newsletter:

  • How to see like a photographer does so your photos capture the exquisite in a world of everyday objects
  • Create photos with an emotional punch by using time-honored composition principles such as the Rule of Thirds, Triangular Composition, Color Composition, Vertical Composition, L-Composition and more. . .  
  • Using fill-flash to reduce harsh contrast causing dark rings around eyes and obscuring other facial details
  • Which autofocus mode should be used under specific conditions – discovering this makes the difference between clear, sharp photos and fuzzy, out-of-focus ones
  • Uncover the difference between shooting in RAW and .jpg files – and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • When and how to properly use a tripod for tack-sharp images
  • What the AE/AF button is, and how it can help you when you’re out shooting in the field
  • How to create bokeh, the soft, creamy background effect giving your shots a dream-like quality

This is just the start of what we’re offering our Photography How To members.

Photography How To is developed with beginning photographers in mind.

The combination of Ed’s years of experience and my thirst to learn more about photography sets the stage for the perfect photography training for beginners.

You see, I’ve already asked the same questions you’ll have, and Ed’s already had to answer them.

This way, he’s not just guessing about the aspects of photography you need to know about most. Yes, I’ve put him through the wringer and asked him just about everything about photography imaginable – and you’re about to reap the benefits of it.

With our training as your guide, you can become an accomplished photographer quickly – even if you’re still shooting in auto mode right now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with a smartphone, a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR   . . . we can help you take better shots.

Discovering some basic principles of photography and post-processing will take your photos from humdrum to jaw-dropping in a very short span.

We’ll show you exactly how to take your photos to new levels of perfection. We make photography concepts and techniques easy-to-understand, so you’ll be able take better, sharper photos right away.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.49.49 PM

Soon you'll be up, up and on your way to becoming a better photographer

Soon you’ll be up, up and on your way to becoming a better            photographer

You might need a little coaxing right now to understand how Photography How To can help you, the aspiring photographer. Fair enough.

Here’s 21 Reasons Why Joining Us Today Will Make an Immediate Impact on Your Photos:

Reason#1– Avoid making basic mistakes which lead you to be disappointed in your photos

Reason#2 – Discover why your winter photos have an unnatural blue tint and how to prevent it with 2 easy steps.

Reason#3 – Freeze motion so your photos are tack-sharp and capture the heat of the moment in action-filled situations

Reason#4 – Understand when and where to use the certain shooting modes to produce dramatic effects in your photos

Reason#5 – A-S-I. . . uncover the the relationship between them so you take far fewer incorrectly exposed photos

Reason#6 – “Sweet light” enhances every subject – find out how why your shots are enhanced so much by the natural light appearing close to sunrise & sunset

Reason#7 – Our easy 3-step system to capture perfect golden sunsets and sunrises

Reason#8 – Shoot in low-light situations for dazzling photos without flash

Reason#9 – The simple check to avoid taking blurry out-of-focus shots

Reason#10 – Identify 3 critical questions you must answer before you press the shutter button. Ignore them at your peril . . .

Reason#11 – Get the soft, “cotton-candy” effect when shooting water scenics and seascapes

Reason#12 – Quick & easy editing tips to turn “good” photos into “spectacular” photos.

Reason#13 – End “camera shake” which makes your photos blurry and out of focus

Reason#14 – Discover how to “see” like a professional does so you can avoid having to do a lot of tedious post-processing

Reason #15 – Shoot in manual mode for complete control over your camera – it’s easier than you think

Reason#16 – Easy posing tips to help your models relax, so you get natural-looking portraits every time

Reason#17 – Horizon tilted in your photo? Not anymore when you learn 2 easy ways to correct this error in post-processing

Reason#18 – Create dozens of photos with different looks all from a single shot with a little knowledge of Photoshop or Lightroom. (We’ll teach you both programs too)

Reason#19 – No Photoshop? No Lightroom? No Worries! We’ll give you complete training on a free, online alternative to Photoshop which has many of its editing features

Reason#20 – Are you changing your lenses the RIGHT way? Doing this step incorrectly can lead to dreaded sensor dust, leading to unsightly spots on your photos

Reason#21 – There’s at least 3 occasions where using a tripod isn’t optional. . . discover what they are so your photos turn out tack-sharp.

Ready to join us on the inside?

Then click the button below to claim your spot as one of our students inside the “Photography How To” membership now.



[papertemplate-button=”″]$9.97 now/$9.97 following months [/papertemplate-button]

Cancel Anytime without Further Obligation

Photography How to is a monthly membership. You’ll be charged $9.97 now and $9.97/month to continue your membership. Cancel anytime.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 12.58.17 PM

Early morning on Brandy Pond

Early morning on Brandy Pond


The 21 reasons listed above are just a drop in the bucket of what we have waiting for you inside the Photography How To membership area.

Our goal is to take you, at your own pace, into photography mastery.

You’ll Discover Pro Secrets Like These Inside Photography How To:

  • The $10 gadget to help you take perfect night shots
  • How to blur out background distractions so your subject’s in perfect focus
  • Discover how to take perfect low-light shots of fireworks, stars, concerts, and more
  • Macro photography basics – get extreme close up shots of flowers, insects and tiny items in gob-smacking detail
  • Advice on what gear to buy for your current level of expertise – never overspend on gear again

And this is just the start of all you’ll discover inside “Photography How To.”

You’ll build on what you already know about photography inside the membership. There’s no better feeling than becoming confident, relaxed and skilled when you have a camera in your hand.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.05.29 PM

Still waters on Long Lake, Maine

Still waters on Long Lake, Maine


Friends, I’ve only touched the surface of how our training will make YOU a better photographer – starting today.

You see, taking the shot’s just the first step in creating a jaw-dropping image. To be a complete photographer, you have to master post-processing in order to take your photos from diamonds in the raw to polished gems.

It’s why we’re offering our members comprehensive bonus training on some of the most popular post-processing programs offered anywhere.

And read on to discover a very special bonus where you can get live access to us to help you with your photography problems and concerns . . .

Bonus#1: Photoshop Video Tutorials

A lot of beginning photographers don’t know post-processing (or photo editing) makes the difference between an average photo and an awe-inspiring one, which is why you need to master it.

Photoshop is the “gold standard” of photo editing programs worldwide.

Gain the skills you need to perfect your artistic vision, tweak any imperfections and turn out flawless photos with Photoshop every time. Our comprehensive Photoshop video tutorials will take you from a novice with the software to becoming a confident user.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll master:

  • Learn to work in layers so you can add elements like backgrounds to your photos
  • Restore old family photos you thought were beyond saving to recapture priceless memories for future generations
  • Combine your photos with text to create memes for social media visibility
  • Change your photos from color to black & white with a single click for more artistic options
  • Correct photography mistakes like an unwanted objects in the background, stray hairs ruining portraits, red eye and more . . .

(Note: If you’re budget-conscious and worried Photoshop’s too costly, we’ll introduce you to a program where you can get the latest versions of both Photoshop and Lightroom for only $10 per month.)

Value: $97

Bonus#2: Lightroom Video Tutorials

Many photographers find Lightroom’s sliders far easier to work with than Photoshop. (I know I do!)

Lightroom can take your photos from looking like the rather uninspiring one below:


Before Lightroom

Before Lightroom – flat and uninteresting

After Lightroom

After Lightroom – popping with color & detail


While Lightroom is a powerful editing tool on it’s own, it’s benefits go far beyond editing.

Lightroom really shines in its capability to organize your photo collection so you can find any photo in your collection in a snap.

You’re about to discover these benefits of Lightroom:

  • Organize, process and fine tune large batches of photos in far less time with Lightroom’s presets
  • Shoot in RAW format and process in Lightroom to capture more detail and have more control over your finished photos than can be achieved with .jpg photos
  • Lightroom is far easier to learn than Photoshop and produces great results
  • Make a mistake? No worries. With the click of a button, Lightroom returns your photo to it’s original format

Value: $49

Bonus#3: Pixlr Express Video Tutorials

  • Use Pixlr Express’ “auto-fix” to adjust light, color and tone for great looking photos
  • Preview your changes before you commit to them
  • Add stickers, sparkles and other special effects to your photos for light-hearted fun
  • Add special photo effects like focal blur, de-noise and color splash with just a few clicks

Value: $19

Bonus#4: Ed’s Photography Tutorials

Want in-depth training on a particular photography subject? We’ve got you covered.

Ed’s busy producing all kinds of video lessons and adding them to the membership area so you can get up to speed quickly on the kind of photography you like most.

He’ll be covering all kinds of subjects you want to know about most, like:

  • How to pose subjects for portraits
  • Travel photography essentials
  • Lighting (both studio & natural)
  • Sports photography – how to photograph fast moving subjects
  • Landscape photography – creating sharp depth of field from foreground to background
  • Night photography – how to avoid excessive noise in your photographs
  • Making money with your photography 
  • And more . . .

Pixlr Express is a free, online cross-platform editing program (works on PCs or Macs.) It contains many of the features inside Photoshop, without its steep learning curve. Although Pixlr Express is free, has the drawback of lacking good documentation for its users.

However, Ed’s gone the extra mile and created a complete series of tutorials to help you get the most out of Pixlr Express.

Here’s a sneak preview of how Ed’s tutorials will lessen your photography learning curve:

  • His concise training lacks the typical fluff and fillers – just lots of actionable content to help you get fast results
  • 24/7/365 access to all lessons allows you to learn at your own pace
  • Perfect when you need to do some brushing up on a subject before a shoot
  • Get gear reviews – know in advance if it’s worth it before laying out the cash
  • Got a request for training on a specific topic? Be sure to let us know. If it’s a broad appeal topic, we’ll create training for it.

Value: These trainings will sell individually for $17-27 each, but you get them all included with your membership

Bonus#5: Live Coaching Webinars

Once a month, we’ll be hosting a live-training webinar. This is what sets us apart from all the other photography trainings out there. No other photography membership we know of offers live monthly webinars!

This is why these webinars will quickly advance your skills as a photographer:

  • Ask us questions in real time, so you can get your photography problems solved before your next shoot
  • Watch as we share our screens with you in real-time as we demonstrate how to edit problem photos live
  • Get your own set practice of photos so you can follow along with us
  • Got a question and can’t make it to the webinar? Send it in ahead of time and we’ll answer it for you (webinars will be recorded, so you’ll always have access to the presentations even if you can’t make it live)

Value: $75/month (this is what you’d pay Ed as a minimum for a consultation with you)

Total Value of Bonuses: $257

Keep in mind the actual value of these bonuses is even higher  because you’re getting additional trainings and webinars EVERY month you’re a Photography How To member

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.27.10 PM

One of Ed’s gorgeous sunset photos

When you go back and count up the bullet points in this letter, we’ve laid out 74 solid reasons to join us so far. By now, at least some of them are speaking to you if you’re serious about becoming a better photographer.

Even if we valued these reasons at $1 each, you’d receive far more back in value than your miniscule investment in Photography How To today.

You’re probably wondering how you can secure your spot in the Photography How To membership. We’ll tell you how to become one of our valued members in just a moment.

First, let us remind you of the immense benefits you’ll receive from your membership.

By far the biggest benefit for Photography How To members is knowing how to master their their camera settings for perfect creative control in any shooting situation.

You won’t be stuck shooting in auto mode, and have to be satisfied with sub-par results because of it. Our members have the confidence and knowledge to use their camera controls to their fullest to get perfect photos.

Your photos will reflect your creative vision, and you’ll no longer be confined to the limits of your camera’s presets. You’ll master the art of harnessing light and shadow to go beyond taking mere snapshots . . . you’ll bring viewers into a world of your own making.


  • Gasping with awe the first time you capture a bird in mid-flight with your camera
  • Slowing down fast-flowing water with with a long exposure until it resembles cotton-candy
  • Highlighting the angles and curves of centuries-old architecture with a perfect shot during your next travels
  • Snapping your daughter’s gap-toothed grin when she loses her first tooth
  • Taking a tender portrait of your parents as they celebrate their 50th anniversary
  • Recording flora and fauna in minute detail with a macro lens 
  • Relive the excitement of your vacation in an exotic locale . . . knowing you can sell the photos when you return home
  • Shooting the moon – literally

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

And we’re going to get you to the place where all this and more is possible.

Ed and I want to create a tribe of fellow photographers who get as turned on by pressing a shutter button as we do. Nothing gives us as much joy, and we want you to experience it too.

It’s why we’ve come together to create this unique training . . . to harness Ed’s 30-plus years of photography experience combined with the insatiable curiosity of a newcomer who just can’t get enough. This unbeatable combo provides YOU with a perspective you won’t receive in any other photography training.

It’s also why we’re gone beyond providing just a newsletter for our members. While you’ll get a ton of value out of our newsletter alone, we’re going farther.

We’re giving our members 24/7/365 access to post-processing training worth almost $200 dollars because it’s such an important part of becoming a complete photographer. It’s why we’re providing specialized training on the photography subjects people want to learn most.

And it’s why we’re giving our members live access to us during our monthly webinars – we want to answer your questions and see you succeed.

Before we reveal your investment in Photography How To, we want to offer you a special incentive for you to claim your membership now.

This training is new, so we would like to get more testimonials from happy customers to feature on this sales letter. In order to get them, we’re prepared to steeply discount our training package for a few lucky customers.

There’s only one small catch.

We are offering this discount only to the first 67 people who claim their spot inside Photography How To. We’re sure we can secure more than enough testimonials to make offering this discount worthwhile to us.

We want you to feel completely confident by becoming one of our members today.

It’s why we guarantee you’ll love what you’ll get with Photography How To.


        “YOUR 100%, Unconditional,            

Love-Us-Or-Leave-Us Guarantee”

There’s a lot of photography courses out there, and it’s hard to know who to trust.

Give us a try for 90-days. Read the newsletter, and take some practice shots. Sign into the membership and review the post-processing videos. Ask questions during our member’s only webinars.

In the unlikely event you’re not happy with what we have to offer during your initial 90 days as a member, if you’re not 100% convinced our training isn’t making you a better photographer, then just ask us to return your investment in Photography How To. We’d be too embarrassed to keep your money if you’re not seeing the results you want from our training.

We won’t hassle you. There’s no hidden clauses or fine print. Cancel anytime.

If we’ve wasted your valuable time in any way, keep the newsletters as our apology.

Is this a fair deal for an investment as low as $9.97/month?

We can’t be any fairer than that. You have ZERO risk to try us out.

Ed & Norma



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Photography How to is a monthly membership. You’ll be charged $9.97 now and $9.97/month to continue your membership.

Cancel anytime.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.39.18 PM

A lovely senior portrait Ed captured

A lovely senior portrait Ed     captured


You’re just moments away from taking the stunning pictures you’ve been dreaming about – with a little help from us.

Let’s recap all you’re getting in Photography How To for your very modest monthly investment:

  • The Photography How To monthly newsletter packed with timely tips and advice
  • Stand-alone training on a wide variety of photography subjects, such as portraits, landscapes, night photography, sports photography, selling your photos and more
  • Comprehensive Photoshop tutorials to demystify this powerful program for editing photographs
  • Lightroom training so you can organize your photo collection and bulk process your files with speed and ease
  • Pixlr Express video tutorials to take advantage of the filters and fun stickers inside this free program
  • Monthly webinars where you can ask questions live and follow along with us as we show you photography and post-processing techniques

While we could charge far more than what we’re asking, we want to get as many people as we can as hooked on the magical world of photography. We don’t want cost to hold anyone back from enjoying all photography has to offer.

This is why, for the first 67 subscribers only, we’re offering Photography How To for a ridiculously low $9.97 per month. 

Remember, you’re getting all the post-processing tutorials, the stand-alone courses and the webinars included as bonuses included with your membership, with a combined value of $257.

The bonuses alone are worth more than 25 times than we’re asking you to invest with us today.

If you’re not one of the first 67 in, you’ll still get everything we’re offering, including the bonuses for only $19.97 per month – which is still an absolute steal for all the value you’re receiving.

And to sweeten the pot even further, when you pre-pay for 12 month’s membership right now you’ll save an additional $19.94 on your yearly membership. . . that’s like receiving 2 months free. . .

Plus when you’re one of the first 27 members who invest in the pre-paid membership option, you’ll receive a free 20-minute consultation (value: $75) where you can ask Ed and I any photography questions you’d like.

Be warned as well: we’re capping the total number of subscribers at 500 at this time.

Keeping the numbers at a manageable level allows us to better serve our existing customers.

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